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  offers IB, IGCSE and A Level tutoring to students.

IGCSE Tutoring


The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary School) tutoring program is specially designed to help students excel in the Cambridge IGCSE examination. The Cambridge IGCSE international curriculum is a popular course taken by many students in Singapore as well as globally. Our learning specialists help students develop critical thinking skills through the use of effective learning techniques. We use customized worksheets and past year examination questions to build students? confidence in the exams.

Why study with IB Super?

When you choose IB Super for your IGSCE tuition, you choose a company that offers small-classes with a personalised approach. Every student learns at a different pace and style. We accommodate our students by adjusting our pace and provide for different learning styles in accomodate all our tuition classes. With certified and caring tutors, and a passion for teaching, IB Super is tuition that you enjoy.

A structured approach to learning

In each lesson, students will receive

ico1 A Key Content Review

The tutor will instruct on fundamental concepts and ideas of the assigned topic.
Student gets a quick grasp of “need-to-know” parts of the topic.

ico2 A Skills Application Question Pack

The student receives a set of carefully selected IGCSE questions to help reinforce the concepts learnt. Students gain confidence in themselves and the subject.

Currently, we offer tutoring in the following subjects:

–     Additional Math

–     Extended Math (0580 and 0607)

–     Core Math (0580 and 0607)

If you are looking for tuition for IGSCE, or will like to find out more about our IB Math, Biology and Physics tutoring, get in touch with the team at IB Super today. We are always happy to answer your enquires. Give us a call at 981 98928, or contact us online for more information.

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