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IB Mathematics


What are the subjects offered in IB Mathematics?

Most IB schools in Singapore offer, in order of mathematical intensity, Mathematical studies, Mathematics SL and Mathematics at Higher Level. Mathematics HL is the most rigorous subject among the three mathematics courses. Students can choose to study any of these three math courses depending on their interest and academic plans.

Students who intend to apply to university courses with significant mathematical content such as business administration, medicine, psychology, geography and chemistry are recommended to take Mathematics SL in Singapore.

Mathematics HL is designed for students with an enthusiasm towards math and who would like to apply for university programs requiring a solid base in mathematics such as economics and engineering.

Mathematical Studies caters for students who do not anticipate taking courses with significant mathematical content. Students planning to major in subjects such as humanities, art and law in university may choose to do Mathematical Studies for IB. Mathematical studies is not always a sufficient qualification for entry into many of the university courses. It is recommended that students check with the universities they intend to apply before deciding on taking Mathematical Studies.


What do students learn in IB Mathematics Singapore?

The following topics form the Core Curriculum for Mathematics SL and Mathematics HL:

  • Algebra
  • Functions and equations
  • Circular functions and trigonometry
  • Vectors
  • Statistics and probability
  • Calculus

Mathematics HL students need to do one of the following option topics in addition to the core syllabus:

-Further statistics and probability

-Sets, relations and groups


-Discrete mathematics


Mathematical Studies students will need to complete the following topics for IB.

-Numbers and algebra

-Sets, logic and probability


-Geometry and Trigonometry

-Introductory differential calculus

-Financial Mathematics

IB Mathematics tuition is a 2-year course in Singapore. Students sit for their IB examination at the end of 2 years. In addition to this, students must complete a math exploration which consists of a 6 – 12 page mathematical investigation project.


Why choose IB Super IB Mathematics Tuition Singapore?

IB Economics ExamsExcellent results

Our past students did extremely well in the past year’s IB exams. Many of them scored 6s and 7s in their exams. We have a unique method of instruction to help students excel and become an IB Superstar. We are confident in our ability to help students who regularly attend classes succeed in IB Mathematics.


Real life application of IB MathematicsReal Life Application

Most math teachers have heard students ask, “When will I ever use what I have learnt?”. Students get frustrated with learning math when they do not see the relevance of what they learn to real-life situations. At IB Super, we show students how mathematics is expressed in real-life. From classroom-demonstrations to videos, students attending our classes see how our society progressed with the use of mathematics.

Students are required to do a Math Internal Assessment. The Math Internal Assessment takes up 20% of their IB grade and is a personal project that they complete on any topic of their choice. By demonstrating how math is useful in our daily lives, students can use this knowledge to write a good personal engagement for their Math Internal Assessment.

IB Mathematics NotesComprehensive Materials

We have a huge question bank of IB Mathematics questions for students to practise. This includes, past year IB exam questions and some of our own questions modelled after past year IB questions.

Students who join our tuition program in Singapore will have sufficient practice and be well prepared for the IB exams at the end of 2 years.

At IB Super, we believe that every student is a potential superstar. With our certified tutors plus practical curriculum, we’ll do all that we can to ensure each student achieves their academic goals. We take measures to keep our students engaged with all subject matter taught, because without critical thinking and deep understanding of mathematics, real learning doesn’t occur. With a personalised approach to the learning of each and every Singapore student, our programs will help students become an IB Superstar!

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