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Learn Better with IB Super!

Whether you are looking for tuition to improve your grades , or struggling to understand concepts taught in school, tutoring can be a fantastic way to enrich learning outside of school. IB Super is a dedicated, passionate team designed to offer structured and personalised tuition for a variety of subjects to IGSCE and IB students across Singapore.

IB Super offers small group, one-to-one IB Tuition and IGCSE Tuition for students. Our tutors are caring, effective and love what they do. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing our students succeed. Our core belief is that every student can excel and be a Super Star!

And our results clearly reflect this belief: 99% of the students improved their grades after tutoring and 90% of the students would recommend us to their friends. So why not try it for yourself?

Why choose IB Super?

It can be frustrating trying to learn subjects that you either don’t enjoy or don’t see the use of. With IB Super, whether it  is IB Math, Physics or Economics, we ensure that we approach each topic with real-life examples, so you can understand the use of every topic you grasp.

What is more, we offer a personal and  friendly approach, and our certified and caring tutors offer constant support to every student. We monitor and check on all our students, and ensure they are making good progress in their learning. At IB Super, we understand that each student is unique and has a different learning style, which is why we customise our homework packages to suit individual needs.

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Don’t wait any longer, choose IB Super for you or your child’s tuition today! We want to see you excel and grow in whatever field you choose to enter, which is why  we have designed our classes to offer a wide variety of learning and teaching approaches. Just take a look at a few of our testimonials and see how we have helped so many students in the past.

Start your journey to better exam scores and a stronger understanding, get in touch with us today!.